The RED DIRT movement is huge. It encompasses country, rock and now hip-hop. My father and Steve Irby (the c.e.o. of Kicker) were extremely involved with each other for years.

Many people are not aware that Steve Irby's band "Moses" started the RED DIRT movement in the 70's.

Steve coined the phrase RED DIRT MUSIC and was one of the prior owners of RED DIRT RECORDS. Steve and my father cut two albums together in the 80's in Stillwater Oklahoma where RED DIRT MUSIC was born.

Steve is now the CEO of the global corporation Kicker Car Speakers. The first paragraph of my autobiography establishes my connection to Steve thus the movement.

Although I (we) are from San Francisco we have a stronger claim to the RED DIRT lineage than any band from Texas or Oklahoma.

Steve supports our band 100% through Kicker. We are on the Kicker website under Team Kicker.


A “Red Neck” rock band with “Red Dirt” roots, “Mid West” heart, and California swagger. We are spread out across the nation from San Francisco to Tulsa. When we come together the music begins.

The genesis of RDRB was in Grove Oklahoma. The family would occasionally get together and jam on the front porch that overlooks Grand Lake.

Fueled by shot glasses of whisky and inspired by the surroundings of Oklahoma Uncle Ben would write song after song.

Eventually they all started recording & the magic began. With the addition of Jeremiah Harrison’s incredible guitar work on the recordings history was made.

Over a period of two years a group of talented rednecks from diverse backgrounds, bound together by life long friendships, entered the studio to lay tracks.

The result is the music you hear today with many, many more songs to come.

A band that plays, prays, and rocks together. Our convictions are reflected and expressed with passion in our music. Some people call it “Out Law Country“. Others Call It “Red Dirt Music“. We simply just call it “Red Dirt Rock“.


For a short time as a young child Ben lived in Stillwater Oklahoma where his father, Don Smith, pastored a small church with Associate Pastor Steve Irby.

Steve was formerly the piano player of “Moses” the very first ‘Red Dirt’ rock band. In the 70’s Moses coined the phrase ‘Red Dirt Music’ when they started the independent label “Red Dirt Records.”

Don and Steve cut two albums together in Stillwater Oklahoma that would become the inspiration that made Ben the artist he is today.

Steve went on to found and create Kicker Car Speakers and Don moved his family back to California.

In At the age of 16 Ben with close friends formed the rock group Jokers Wild.

A year later they were playing in nightclubs in San Francisco that they weren’t legally allowed to be in.

At the age of 18 Jokers Wild signed a record deal. It was not what they dreamed of and the toxic situation caused the band to separate.

At the age of 20 Ben switched gears and put himself through college by working in large San Francisco dance clubs.

During that time he got a street education on how to prosper in a business full of addiction, celebrity artists, quick money and even faster women. The lifestyle became a successful career for many years.

Eventually the party ended and Ben found himself living in Grove Oklahoma. Sitting on the front porch of the lake house he took solitude in writing music, re-discovering God and himself.

Surrounded by the inspiration of nature, fueled by shot glasses of whisky, some back road music with a bad attitude was created and RDRB was born. But that is another story made for the movies. Just one more chapter in an amazing journey!

Thank You
- Benjamin Smith